samedi 27 septembre 2014

Eternity Rings for Personality Types

Eternity rings have long been a symbol of status and style. It tells of a romantic engagement of a man to woman, an anniversary gift of a husband to a wife, or simply a symbol of love that's meant to last forever.
To match such value it has, the element of style is incorporated to bring out the beauty of this piece of jewellery. These rings have come out with certain styles to define the wearer's personality and taste.
Here are some of the unique collections of jewellery online for eternity ring pieces.

For the feisty woman:
If you are the life of the party, then a Rebecca Collection will suit you. These jewelries from this set are featured with precious gems that bring sparkle and personality to any outfit. Whether your birthstone is ruby, amethyst, topaz, sapphire, or diamond - these statement pieces will definitely bring a certain colour that make a woman unique in her sense of style.

Examples of these include the: Diamond rings, Ruby and Diamond, Amethyst and Diamond dress ring, Blue Topaz and Diamond dress ring, and Sapphire and Diamond Cluster ring.

The Rebecca Collections features pieces that are styled in gold/white/yellow gold. They can go from the simple bands to the twirled, twisted, and heart-formed ones. Examples of these unique bands include the: Dreamweaver ring, Decorative Gold Twirl ring, Cubic Zirconia Solitaire ring, Diamond set ring with Hearts, the "Seven Wishes" ring, Twisted Band Gold Ring with Diamond, and the White Gold Diamond "Love Ring".

For the classic woman:
In jewellery, there is always a place for classic elegance. If your woman is on the conservative side, there are eternal classics that can be found in the Stella Collection. These are investment pieces that can be worn for every important occasion. This collection features the classic gold, silver, and diamond creations. It includes the 9 Diamond channel set eternity ring white gold, 1 Carat Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring, Solid Gold Plait Ring with Diamonds, and the Dainty Diamond set Plait Ring
Diamonds are timeless. Gold is forever a classic. When you want real elegance to show, choose eternity rings made of these.

For the fashionable man:
These are no longer for women only. Men have also started wearing them as they become part of a lasting marriage, or they have chosen a symbolic piece for a particular style. Men's rings are emblazed in gold, precious metals, and adorned with diamonds if preferred. The Jackson 925 collection is a perfect example of men's rings. This feature a set of pieces made in sterling silver and 9-carat gold. For someone with a unique taste, there are choices from tungsten rings that can be engraved with your own personal design.
Men are not to be outdone. The Jackson 925 Range is a collection mostly done in sterling silver or 9-carat gold. These are best for men who opt to go with precious metals instead of stainless steel. Also available is a range of tungsten rings, which can be plain or engraved with intricate designs.

Other choices in men's eternity rings include: Diamond set men's flat top ring, Men's Diamond Ring, Men's Solid Gold Dress Ring, Mens Diamond Set Wedder, Mens Ring with Four Diamonds, Star Set Diamond Men's Ring, Square Unisex Signet Ring, and the Diamond Men's Ring with Diamond Cross
Look for jewellery online stores to see more options in men's and women's eternity rings.

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